Sunday, January 27, 2013

On the dag!

Long post.  Apologies for being a bit of a 'no show' but between my day job and life I just haven't had the time or the inspiration needed to do a post this week. Now, I know this place is all about decor and design and all things visual but I'm straying from the path tonight to tell you about my other passion. Music. Country music in fact. I know the whole country thing can be viewed as a little 'on the dag' but I'm a certified card carrying member of the fraternity.  Not the 'my girl left me, my dog died, the crops are ruined, woe is me' kinda country.  I'm talking story telling, poetry kind of country. Music for the soul written and performed by people who have stories to share.  I'm mostly talking about Keith Urban. Now, before I lose you all, I feel obliged to say that I've loved the man since before he was 'totes hot', married to a mega star actress and all over the telly.  I was singing along back when he had a mullet and questionable facial hair.

We went to see him on Friday night.  As usual he was fantastic.  He sang with power and played that guitar like no one's business.  Dude can rock...and I mean rock. Friday night was the 5th time my hubby and I have been to see him live.  Last time I was pregnant and managed to jump a row of seats and stand at his feet while he performed in the crowd. He sang the 1, 2 and I provided the 3, 4!  It was awesome and I cried all the way back to my seat (partly blaming that on hormones).  Well, thinking there was no way to top that I took my seat the other night with full intentions of screaming, cheering, singing along, waving my arms and dancing til it hurt.  I did all of those things...and more.

I got teary when he sang 'Without You' I went a little mental when he sang 'You look good in my Shirt' then when he finished an acoustic version of 'You'll Think of Me' and I thought my heart would burst something happened. He was headed back to the main stage to finish the gig, I saw my chance, my husband yelled 'GO BABE' and I sprung into action....I ran straight over, came face to face with him and threw my arm around him for all it was worth.  I totally copped a feel and had the sweaty arm to prove it (just to clarify it was his back I touched...I'm not a perv).  And just like in the movies I turned around in slow motion to see my husband standing on his chair cheering like I'd just won Olympic gold. What a moment.

I wonder if I will ever be too old to jump furniture, dodge security and get so lost in the moment that my heart might burst from sheer fun and enjoyment.  I hope not.

Thanks Keith.

Oh, and since this blog is about design and decor here is a couch.

...and a coffee table.

And one more of Keith.

Happy Weekend!

J xx

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oh Gwyneth!

Have you seen Gwyneth and Chris' new L.A. digs? It's called the House of's not that House of Windsor but it's pretty damn fancy. Not only is she an Actress with a Rock Star husband (and more importantly my 'hair idol') but she lives here...when she isn't in her New York pad or some other dreamy real estate gem somewhere in the world. Anyway, I'm waffling with the excitement.

Feast your eyes...

So this little pad is what we refer to as a 'Display Home'. Each room was designed by a different (yet fabulous) LA Interior Designer but is still cohesive and beautiful and very...English and 'horsey'.

Back to my own little slice of Real Estate goodness (House of Blokes) we got some industrial pendants to hang over the kitchen bench. Even though they look amazeballs sitting half out of the packaging on the window seat they will be a real treat when they're up.  I'll post pics.

This is them.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hollywood, window seats and resolutions

So my last post was all about a fabulous professionally designed bachelor pad in the Hollywood Hills...this week it's all about the fabric cover on the window seat my husband built. Adjust your expectations people, things are about to get mundane!

So, if you've been following along you would know that Andrew built a window seat in our dining area.  He did an amazing job and I was waiting for the cover on the foam cushion to be completed before I posted the official 'after' pics.

Ta Dah!!!!

Looks good, huh! 
I will enjoy until the first grubby face hits it.

In other New Year related news I have started The Happiness Project. I'd been thinking a lot about my resolutions and my new commitment to simplifying our lives and decided to take it to the next level. I got the book last weekend and can't put it down. I'm starting small by de-cluttering (physically and mentally) and being conscious about my actions, and more importantly, my reactions. It's fun. I shall keep you posted.  

Get your copy from Kikki K and let me know if you feel as inspired and motivated as I do.

Whoa Nelly! is now on Facebook. I know, I'm a little behind the times, but I'm on board and would appreciate your support.  You can follow along by liking my page here.  Again thank you for taking the time to read my blog, leave comments and generally support my creative sideline. I think I'd still write it even if no one ever read it. It's the headline act of my Happiness Project.

Get Happy Folks. x

PS: Tassel Garlands are the bomb!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Apartment Therapy

I savour the hours after 7pm when things start to get quiet and I can get lost in Apartment Therapy. It not only showcases some of the best/real interiors from around the globe but it helps ease my longing for L.A. Its been 18 months since our last trip and I am longing so much for a slice of The States it almost hurts. It doesn't help that we've been watching Californication marathons the last few days. Best Show. Best Characters. Totally crass and borderline pornographic but I got a thing for Hank Moody. Who doesn't....I digress.

Tonights special dish is the home of Alan Yang (screen writer on Parks & Recreation) who lives in the Hollywood Hills. I love it. Big windows and realistic, stylish and quirky decor.  And get this, Dude has a Speakeasy in his home...complete with hidden door (the stuff my husbands dreams are made of).

Genius choice of art for this space.

How could you ever watch telly in a room like that. It's all about gazing outwards...perfect.

Hidden access to the Speakeasy. Coolest. Thing. Ever.

And I know what you're thinking...2 posts in 2 days! What can I say other than I'm feeling relaxed and creative and inspired (until I head back to work on Monday to have the creativity sucked from me by the Corporate Overlords to whom I'm a slave). Ok, that's not at all true I'm just being dramatic about returning to work after a great holiday at home. We've played and baked and swam and eaten and shopped and decorated and de-cluttered and now it's time to get back to it I guess.  We have a trip to Fiji planned for later this year so I have a tropical light at the end of the tunnel to focus on.

Go check out Apartment Therapy and get your global groove on. 

G'night. x

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

HNY Peeps

Happy New Year. This is that time of year when grand statements are made and resolutions abound. I'm not usually a resolutions kinda gal but this year I decided that I'd get on board. I've given this a whole lot of thought and this is what I came up with...

I resolve to keep it simple.
I resolve to make time to be creative.
I resolve to chose kindness and be patient.
I also resolve to resist the unnecessary.

I've been thinking a lot lately about 'stuff' and how having too much of it can weigh you down. This year I plan to think carefully about what I bring into my home.  I'm not about to get all minimalist or anything but I just don't want to clutter our home (and lives) with unnecessary 'stuff'.

I also plan to launch a new look Whoa Nelly! site this year (complete with store).  Now that I've put it on the "interweb" I guess I have to follow through, right?? I plan to continue my love affair with Instagram and design blogs and I want to do Shannon Fricke's Styling Workshop in Byron. Lots to look forward to in 2013.

And in other super duper amazeballs news my youngest sister is expecting twins!!!! I've been put in charge of the baby shower and decorating the nursery. Could I be more excited? No I could not. We don't know the sex of the babies yet but I'm thinking a danish feel for their room. No Thomas the Tank or Daggy Dora for those chic babies. Will keep you posted on the design concept as it progresses. Congratulations Chris and will make fantastic parents.

Happy New Year.