Monday, February 4, 2013

Just out mowing the pool, Doll!

If the neighbours didn't think we were crazy before...they definitely do now.  Thankfully I couldn't give a hoot (that's the G Rated version...remember I'm choosing kindness this year).  It's almost 7pm, the sun is sinking, it's bed time for the small folk and what do I hear? Andrew has fired up the mower.  I know he loves a bit of 'lawn porn' and has built a reputation on having the best yard this side of the Story Bridge but mowing under lights is a bit of a stretch even for him.

Turns out he needed a visual on the pool so came up with the genius plan to mow it into the yard!!! So clever! Slightly off beat and even a little mental but still genius in my book. So, I probably need to backtrack. About 3 months ago it struck me that we NEED a pool. We live in a very small (but very awesome) house with 2 very busy little boys. We practically live outside.  We have come to the decision that a huge expensive concrete hole in the ground is a worthy investment...for all of us. A fun place to enjoy family time and not a Nintendo in sight. SOLD!

We've only just started the process and I don't expect to be kicking it poolside just yet but we have come up with what it will look like and where it should go (a harder decision than one would think). Normally I'm all 'bull at a gate' when it comes to shiny new stuff but I need to take my time and get this project just right. Stay tuned for pictures of glorious poolside images and tales of woe as I slowly meet every pool builder in Brisbane and decide why I can't possibly work with any of them and the lame reasons why (like the guy that came to give me a quote on the floor sanding who spent a really awkward amount of time in my bathroom before bidding me a hasty good bye...for good reason. That was 6 years ago and I could still pick him in a line up)!

My pool will be rectangular, integrated, non offensive and minimalist. It seems these aren't words that pool folk use...who knew?

Like this.

Bad tiny pics from Pinterest but you get where I'm going?

 Integrated...non offensive...

Anyway, let's just hope they dig up a bag of money when they make a start on the hole!

In other news the Tree House is finished:

It really truly is the best tree house ever built in the history of the world.
My Dad built it with help from my husband. I love it. It screams 'boys live here'...a fact I also love.

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Have a great week.

J xx

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