Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Birthday Top 5!

Hiya...I've been a little devoid of blog inspiration of late.  I'm putting it down to being crazy busy and too much gluten??? However, as I sit here in my little kitchen in the early morning light with hubby gone to work early, the big boy sleeping soundly and the little guy putting snot and banana all over the window seat cushions I decided to get posting. I've come to the realisation that as a working parent I never actually have the 'time' to do anything so I just have to do it and hope for the best.

My post today is about my current Top 5.  Are you a Top 5 kinda person?  I have a Top 5 everything...designers, books, hot celeb dudes, you name it. The lists tend to change according to day, mood and my general tendency to be terribly fickle...not my best trait.  Todays Top 5 is inspired by my upcoming birthday.  I turn 36 next week.  It's a strange thing indeed. if I could chose 5 awesome things for my birthday these are what I would chose:


I am desperate for a neon pink perspex vase from Lovestar


I am almost as desperate for the latest Kate Spade book 'Things We Love'.


And who wouldn't have a place in their heart for an artichoke lamp. Pink or blue...I'm not picky!


And this house is long overdue for a Moroccan Pouffe. Pink...or maybe silver?  Or both?


And the perfect little pineapple trinket box from one of my fave stores Have you met Miss Jones

So, that just about covers it for todays Top 5 on the birthday wish list.  Mind you, I'd be just as happy with a Baskin & Robbins ice cream cake to share with my boys!! That's some gluten free fun to be had right there.

Have a great week and don't think about things too's not good for your health.

Joyd x

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Firstly, thanks to all the new FB Likers and folks who have started following along.  I know the lure of a fancy new KitchenAid Mixer is a great incentive but I'd love you to stick with me. My fellow competition collaborators are a clever/crafty bunch who make and do great things and although I only write stuff I'm hoping to kick start a few exciting things this year that folks will enjoy. Stay tuned.

Todays post is basically a 'share-fest' of things I've stumbled across in the spare 48 seconds I've had so far over the school hols. I've had a few days where I've not only had my 2 but my 2 nephews as well. 4 boys under did Mrs Baldwin do it? Anyway...check this out.  It's a clip of Ice Cube (gansta rapper of NWA fame...note my spelling of 'gangsta'...I'm so 'street') talking about one of my great loves, Los Angeles, and his perspective on LA Architecture.  I love it.

Who knew 'Doughboy' from Boyz N the Hood was studying Architectural Drafting before he became a rapper?? The things you learn.

In others newsworthy bits Anna Spiro has her new website up and running.  We always knew it would be totally awesome but check it out here.

For those that aren't in the know, Anna Spiro, is one of my all time favourite designers and she's from right here in Brisbane. Her shop is amazing and her designs always stop me dead in my tracks. As well as a range of wallpaper for Porters Paints she is also working on a book.

I'm currently putting together a concept for a nursery....NOT MINE...and Mum and I are very like minded in that we want no Dora or Thomas in sight and the room must be fun, eclectic and vintage inspired. She's come to the right place. We are thinking of a neutral palette of yellow, grey and white.  I am currently trawling the internet for a set of wall decals that are black spots but they must be all the same size and enough to cover an entire wall. I can feel a craft job coming on. These are a few of the inspiration images I am using.

Sorry for the grainy image but its a Pinterest Pic.
How great is this vintage Ad Rack used for books??

And I plan to use some hand made toys for pops of colour.
Again, bad Pinterest image.

Back to the day job for me tomorrow after 2 weeks out of the office.  However will I cope?  I've really enjoyed some time out with my boys. Not sure my littlest will do well at drop off tomorrow. There may be a few tears from us both!

In the words of Ice Cube 'check yo self before you wreck yo self' Yep!  I just wrote that. 

J xx

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Mother of all Giveaways...

So, the giveaway love continues with a Mother's Day Giveaway.  I have teamed up with some great and amazing FBers and bloggers to bring you the Mother of all Giveaways. You can win a KitchenAid Artisan Mixer in your choice of colour along with some 'fantasmo' accessories. I had to give birth to get my KitchenAid but all you have to do is click the 'Giveaway' link on our Facebook Page (here) and follow the prompts to win one epidural required!

Would love you to play along and would totes love to see a Whoa Nelly follower take this one out!

Here are the Terms & Conditions:

Together with 16 other fantastic businesses we have an amazing KitchenAid Artisan Mixer (KSM150) plus some must have accessories to giveaway to one lucky Mum!
Plus it gets even better! Thanks to Kitchenware Direct if you are the lucky winner you can choose the colour of the KitchenAid Mixer so it suits your kitchen perfectly!
Here is a quick overview of how to be in to win!   
  • Entrants must like ALL 17 participating Facebook business pages in the Rafflecopter form and stay likers for the duration of the promotion to be eligible to win.
  • This giveaway is open to Australian residents only, who are aged 18 years and over
  • The winner will be verified before being announced. To ensure fair and proper conduct, should it be requested the winner will need to provide photo identification that matches their entry name by email/fax etc.
  • Once all mandatory entries are complete the OPTIONAL (NOT mandatory) extra entry to share the giveaway with your Facebook friends will be unlocked and can increase your chances of winning. However, you do not need to complete the extra entry unless you want to. You can view the post to share here
  • The Refer-a-Friend entry option is available during this giveaway and it is an OPTIONAL (NOT mandatory) extra entry.  For each person you refer and they enter the giveaway, be it through Facebook, Twitter, Email or using the link, you will receive 1 entry, to a maximum of 10.
  • This competition is no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook.
  • The information gathered by the application will not be used for anything other than to find the winner and announce the winner of this competition. 
  • For full Terms and Condition click here
Goodluck and have fun!