Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Strange days indeed!

It's been a weird one.  I tell ya. My day started with the usual school drop off and plans to do general things of awesomeness etc and ended with me questioning every theory I had on raising my boys. Being that my blog is about decor and design and not about parenting, the Education System and/or smug fools that think they know better...I will keep this short.  Someone who holds a very influential position in my eldest Sons life made a decision that I deemed was not in his best interests.  I questioned it. They didn't like it and reacted in a completely unexpected manner. It totally discombobulated me (God, I love that word). I chewed it over, sweated on it and generally let it take over and this afternoon I went back to talk it out and came away knowing two things.  1. you can't teach old fools, new fools or any other kind of fools new tricks, old tricks or anything else for that matter and 2. who knew my kid was a maths genius!!

So...back to business.

Laguiole Cutlery is the bomb!!
Best place to get it is from Peters of Kensington.

I love every last thing in this image.
There is nothing about it that I don't completely love.

Anchor wallpaper.  Ahh, yes please!

And since today was partially ruined by 'Smugsy Malone' I counteracted all the negativity with a big dose of Neon Trees.  I love these cats...and discovered today that Tyler Glenn is on Insta.  Who isn't!

A semi-cryptic blog post coupled with some great decor eye candy some good beats is all the therapy this gal needs.  It's getting dark, the chickens are all back in the nest and I'm about to fire up the new ethanol burning fireplace and start dinner.  It sounds all very 'Suzie Homemaker' but keep in mind I am wearing K Mart pants, the boys will inevitably crack into a huge fight at any moment and I can't  cook.

Bye for now.

Joydee xx

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Love on Yuletide

The thing about writing a blog is that it's a journal that everyone who has internet access can read.  I put my own brand of ridiculousness out there then look back and realise I need to be held accountable for some of my more serious 'crimes against sanity'.  Take for example my New Years post...I came away all inspired about living simply and resisting the unnecessary and at a quick glance I realise I have purchased no less than 21 new scatter cushions since January!! 21!! Perhaps 'unnecessary' is an interpretive term...anyone prepared to buy that? No? Guilty as charged I'm a lover of stuff.

So it seems that I have fallen in love this week. It's a love of a deep 'can't stop thinking about you' kind. Every minute has been consumed with thoughts of her. The things we could do together. The memories we could make. She is a 1920's Queenslander in Yuletide Street.  She sits on a huge 911 squares and in her current state could only be described as 'ugly beautiful'. Be careful looking at these may lose your heart and/or your mind.

Isn't she spectacular??

I get the feeling she was well loved.

Look at those internal french doors.

And if this were to become mine those floors would be staying.

I have decorated this beauty over and over in my mind and we only 'met' 48 hours ago. She isn't far from where we currently live and is situated in a pocket of divine character homes on large inner city blocks.  They are taking offers in the High $700k. I have always dreamt of a sprawling old home like this one. I'm not saying she's "the one" but she comes pretty damn close.  Let's hope my heart doesn't go to developers. 

And if the Real Estate planets aligned and she were to be ours the first thing I'd do would be to get a fab couch from Ruby Star Traders to go in the Entry Foyer.  I'd add a few hot pink and orange throw cushions (because clearly I don't have enough cushions) to offer a nice warm welcome.

We're off to another wedding today.  That's 2 in 2 weeks.  Too much fun!

Happy Weekend!


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pinetastic Birthday Book Bonanza

Morning! You know those 'windows of time' I have referred to in the past, well, I have one now so it's time to get my post on. Big week.  Went to an Ah-mazing wedding up at Noosa last weekend.  One of the best weddings ever. Helps when the Bride is one of those fabulous creatures that wouldn't look out of place atop her own cake!  Congrats Fi and Dave.

In other newsworthy information I managed to turn 36 this week without too much trauma.  There were gifts, cake, birthday cards, brownies, books, catch ups, coffee dates and dinners.  Its been a great week and a reminder that I'm lucky to be surrounded by so many great people. I really do have the best friends in the bizz.

Oh, and as for my Top 5 birthday bits list from last post....2 from 5.  Not bad!  I got the Kate Spade book and the pretty piney from 'Miss Jones'. It was a book bonanza of a week.  So many great design books to read and be inspired by... now just to get a few of those 'windows' to read them!

Anyone remember that awesome patchwork chair I got from Far Pavilions last year?  I waited 5 months for it to arrive and it lasted exactly that long. 5 months before it started to come apart at the seams. I get it, I feel like that myself at times but it had to go back for a refund.  I couldn't risk a replacement, this isn't the kind of house where fragile fits in.  So I went in a different direction and replaced it with this...

The Astrid chair in Lemongrass from Freedom.

I also got these Stockholm nesting tables.

And the Remix cushion...and because Freedom had a sale on I still had $130 left over from the purchase of the original chair.

In all fairness though Far Pavs customer service was excellent and never once questioned my need for a refund.  Why is it that I'm often surprised by good service? Did I just turn into an old person who expects people in customer service roles to be helpful? Well, I am 36 I suppose.

Now, who else is totes in lurve with Bruno Mars? Hip Latino can sing! Click the link and enjoy a bit of swag from the man himself. 

Please excuse the 'rude word' at the start!

Happy Week Ahead xx