Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fancy Pants and Perfect Saturdays

I think I am currently in the midst of the perfect's cold and rainy and I've had what can only be described as a mega-nap.  Oh, did I mention I have a chicken curry doing it's thang in the slow cooker at this point? Martha who?

So, down to the important stuff.  We have an architect!  We met with Nick over a week ago and it became apparent very quickly that he was our man.  So, we are working on a Feasibility Study and Schematic Drawings to turn our house into a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with the all important 2 living rooms.  Honestly, having my own lounge room and a separate bathroom to the boys is totes Fancy Pants to me. We have had all the measuring done and have another meeting with Nick next week to take a peak at the first designs.  It's crazy exciting.

Of course my head is filled with details of furnishings and flooring options, windows, lighting, the perfect rug etc etc.  Our 4th bedroom will be dressed as a study.  This may come as news to my husband but I'm thinking that this room will be mine...ALL MINE!!! I'd love to kit it out with some of my fave pieces, I have an antique wardrobe and shipping trunk that would be perfect for the space.  I'm thinking of teaming it with a bright modern rug and a great desk and some shelves to house all my design books and STUFF.  Again with the whole getting ahead of myself thing.

Maybe some fun wallpaper??

Inevitably it will end up with a vintage vibe being that it will be inhabited by a!

I like the white and gold.

Totally impractical but I had to share this fun pic.

All pics courtesy of Pinterest.

And I NEED these pendants for the Master Bedroom.
I think I may use these as my 'jumping off point'.
I stole that line from Sarah Richardson (Canadian her, she's good).

In other non 'building the extension of my dreams' news I have 2 very dear friends both due to have babies in the coming weeks.  I've been very studious on the internet finding fun quirky gifts to welcome the new folks to the world...Exhibit A.

Pants a la funky!

Have a great week and keep yourselves nice...and gluten free.


Sunday, June 16, 2013


We didn't buy the house on Yuletide Street.  The numbers just didn't stack up.  Whilst I'm a bit bummed it did force us to look at our options and it was a great opportunity to look at what we already have and remember all the reasons why I love my house:
Great (yet sometimes colourful) neighbourhood
Close to school and the shops
Big block with landscaped yard
And a little but well loved house that we have poured our heart and soul into.

So...we have an architect coming next week to talk extensions! I'm thinking upstairs, Parents Retreat, then turning our existing master bedroom into a family room for the boys. I have homework this weekend that involves getting my priority list sorted and looking at internal stairs and juliet balconies and so forth. Best homework assignment ever. I'll keep you posted.  Oh, and the pool will be included in the master plan.  If we're going to take the roof off our house and build up then Andrew will barely notice the hole being dug in the ground.

Here is a glimpse into my inspiration:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

I want built in cabinetry in my dressing room/wardrobe and...

Fun pendant lighting!

I'm really liking this photo from Penny Farthing Design House.
It reminds me of LA. 

I could easily find a home for Frank the Flamingo...also from Penny Farthing.
Frank could be strategically placed at the top of the stairs. 
He's fancy!

It's only taken me 2 hours to get this post written.  I've managed to change nappies, make various forms of breakfasts foods, let 2 cups of tea go cold but here it is.  It's crude, perhaps a little rushed but now that I have downloaded the contents of my brain I can get on with the washing and prepping for the afternoon tea we're having here for my family this arv.  It's all happening in downtown Holland Park!!