Saturday, February 25, 2012

I'm dreaming of a white...laundry.

I'm also dreaming that I can't hear the baby awake and 'talking' to himself in the nursery. Let's see what I can hash out before the talking turns into crying. So...laundry, I have the classic "1950's downstairs laundry that comes off the back of the house" scenario. It is currently unsheeted and unpainted and when you look up you can see the roof tiles. It is also known to flood when it rains like crazy.  It ain't pretty but I got me some plans.

I have visions of white subway tiles halfway up the walls (like my fab new pending) and big vintage hooks for the boys to hang sports bags and the like.  I want open shelving to house all manner of awesome laundry inspired decor and I need a storage cupboard to hide the ugly/necessary stuff. I also want some kind of fab pendant light...think wrought iron chandelier (vintage of course)! That's a lot on the wish list considering how small the room is and my need to maintain the existing double concrete tubs. I lay awake at night thinking of my dream laundry. That's right, getting up to do 2 feeds a night isn't enough to cut into valuable sleeping time, I mentally redecorate as well.

I have attached some images that my laundry day dreams are made of. Now all I have to do is convince my husband (cool blog name still pending) that this is the next 'urgent' reno project that needs to be tackled. I'll plant the almost always germinates eventually.

Still working on my 'house photos'. Its been a busy week full of school runs, visits, visitors and general Mum stuff but stay tuned!!!

Happy Saturday.

*Look at me...I'm totally blogging!

Monday, February 20, 2012

There...that wasn't so scary!

This is it. My first post.  I have been 'sitting' on this blog for over a year too scared to get posting. I have been longing for a creative outlet for some time and this is it. I intend to use this space for posting images I love and sharing my thoughts on all things vintage and fab. I love design and always have. Since I can remember I have always been obsessed with colour, texture, furniture, lighting and all things in between. I live in a little 1950's house in inner city Brisbane, Australia and I love it. I have a husband (still to come up with some cool blog name for him) and two beautiful little boys who are the centre of my universe.

Our house is small. 3 bed, 1 bath!! With a growing family the whole '1 bath' thing is fast becoming an issue....but that's a whole other post. We've been here for 7 years now and our design aesthetic has evolved over that time. We seem to have come to a happy medium where French Country meets Retro Vintage meets Cape Cod. I have very few design rules when it comes to decorating my house other than 'if I like it and it will fit then it's coming home with me'. I believe in surrounding myself with objects of beauty and meaning.  Anyone can buy a vase from the shop but not everyone has that one off piece that stopped your heart at a vintage market on a great family holiday...yadda get my drift.

Fortunately, or perhaps otherwise, my Husband (who appears very 'blokey' on the outside) loves interiors and design almost as much as me. I am one of the few women I know who brings home a throw cushion only to be told that 'the texture just isn't right for this space'. It just sounds all wrong coming from a man in work boots and a High Vis shirt. That said, he is the muscle behind all my crazy decorating ideas and has spent years sanding, painting, lifting, moving (and financing!!) our house into the home I have come to love. I'm also hoping he may be the Technical Support I need with this blog because I am the anti-technology.

My goal for this week is to take some clever, artsy shots around my house so I can share them.  Who knows, maybe by then I will have a follower or two (that isn't my Mum or my Husband).

I have high hopes for this little venture of mine :-)  Here's too creative juices and letting them flow!