Saturday, July 28, 2012


I found this on Etsy. I want one to frame and hang in our bedroom. It makes me laugh.

Happy Weekend.
We're still sick. Bleh...over it.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Things are looking up.

Being that it is the 'Week of the Germ' around here I'm doing my best to look for silver linings etc. Between coughing fits and using loo paper when the tissues run out (we've all done it...don't pretend we haven't) I've enjoyed some simple pleasures this week.

Like the arrival of the new desk chair I ordered for my Big Boy's room. See!!

I'm still crazy for the retro desk.
My Big Boy was so excited by his new chair he sat and did some 'homework' last night i.e. he drew a picture of himself on a skateboard. Hey, I'll take what I can get!

This afternoon I am making the most of some precious quiet time. Big Boy is at school and Little Man is asleep (as he should be considering any time between 4am and 5am is when we kick things off around here). I'm currently torn between the Lifestyle Home Channel, my laptop and this...

Got it? No?
Get it.

One last pic to add a bit of colour to my post.
Orange. It almost makes me as happy as yellow.

That is all.

J xx

PS: I got the chair from Matt Blatt. I ordered it online and it arrived within 6 days. Too easy. I highly recommend them. Shipping was quick and reasonably priced. And I love pretty much everything they stock.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Giddy Up...

So, because I lurve to chuck a party...especially a kids party, I have started to plan my littlest man's 1st birthday bash. My theme 'Vintage Cowboy'. A couple of snaps for inspiration.

Love the cake topper. 
If I can't find one like this I'll use cake bunting.

Cowboys cups!
 Majorly cute custom invites

  How cool is this?
Looks like I'm off to my local Harvey Norman collecting boxes.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shopped then dropped

It's been a fantastic, fun and very social week around these parts. We've been shopping and lunching and off to Mum's Group and all sorts. In my travels I've collected a few little treasures I have to share.

I got a hat!
A boho-tastic hat.

I also got this great armchair from the sales at Far Pavillions.
Isn't it great? The fabric is patchwork velvet.
Its the kind of chair my hippie dreams are made of.

This pic off the 'Fav Pavs' website doesn't do the chair justice. I only got the chair, I figured the ottoman was a bit much. I can't wait to take some photos when she moves in. Alas, as with so many furniture shops, there is no stock in the country/on the planet yadda yadda so my chair won't arrive until October. Patience isn't my strongest virtue but this little treasure shall be worth the wait. It will start the 'rescue my lounge from Brown Town' issue I've been needing to address for some time now. Yep, boring brown lounge, brown coffee table, brown shelves and a brown TV unit. Oh, little velvet armchair, you'll be all the inspiration I need. I look forward to getting to know you over cups of tea and Country Style Magazine.

Although the thought of a new chair excites me no end the reality that we're all getting sick again can't be avoided. Sore ears, sore throats, coughs....honestly, I'll be glad to see the back of Winter and all this rainy weather. This family needs a big dose of sunshine.

Here is a little 'pick me up' for the weekend...

Image via Flea Market Style Magazine

  Pictures of pears hung on clip boards.
Too quirky. I love it.

J xx

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

There is no denying it!

I have made a self discovery. A big one. I'm a hippie just like my Mum. I mean, the signs were all there,  I grew up in an arty house where things were made by hand and there wasn't a whole heap of convention. Well, let me tell you that as a teenager it was mortifying to be manning the pottery stall at the local craft market with your family. Or spending your weekends at your Mum's art studio where some 'crazy person from who knows where' is running a workshop on moulding clay nudes. Yep! We had a neck to knee sculpture of big fat nude lady in our house during my teenage years. Many a time I wanted to throw a towel over her when school friends came to visit let me tell you.

Its funny how things change because without realising it I love to make things. I adore markets. I have a garden full of my Mum's sculptures and I consciously steer my boys away from convention at every turn. I love to travel just like my folks. I love all things vintage and find myself inexplicably drawn to paisley.

My realisation came this morning when I was putting together a few of my favourite images to share. They kind of have a theme...can you pick it?

Totally in love with this Boho bedding.

Sorry for the small image but I couldn't make it any bigger.
Its all about the birds for me.

Now, I'm no fashionista but I need this bangle...

and this dress or I might just die.

See! No denying it. My roots are firmly planted in boho territory. 

I suspect my friends may laugh at this post. 
I also suspect self awareness is not always my strong point.

Peace out!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Behold the bargain!!!

Wanna see my bargain buy of the year!? Yep, big call but I am so confident I'm prepared to call it mid year (until the next bargain rolls around of course).  Since my big boy is at Prep this year I thought it was timely to get him a desk for homework and a bit of crafty action. I have been scouring my usual haunts looking for vintage gems to no avail. That is until I found this retro World Map desk on eBay. And you will never guess how much I paid for it? $36. Is that not the deal of all deals?

I'm totally digging it. I still have to find the right chair. I think I'll order the same chair we're using for my friends Play Room project.

Its a classic chair and it's only $69 from Matt Blatt.

My other little find for the week was a stool from Freedom. It retails for $149 but I got it in the sale section of my local store for the bargain basement price of $59. I have used it for a bedside table in my big boys bedroom.

See!! Cool, huh?
I am loving mustard at the mo.

Have a great week.

J xx

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A place for baby

I love good nursery design. My Little Man's room is one of my favourite spaces in our house. I've decorated it with a lots of vintage finds (read: his big brothers hand-me-downs!!). I plan to take some photos and feature the boys rooms here soon. It seems when I get enough quiet time to write a post the boys are snoozing and my photo op has passed. Mind you, their rooms change from week to week. I must drive my Big Boy crazy with the never ending rearranging.

One thing I am not a fan of with kids spaces is pink for girls and blue for boys. I love love love the grey and yellow combination or a backdrop of white with fun accent colours.

These are some pics I've had in my files for a while. Enjoy...

Image via Apartment Therapy

I plan to make one of these mobiles. Isn't it great?
Grey and yellow is such a serene combo.

Image via Puffling 

This is one of my fave nursery images.
See those timber cloud book stands on the floor? I got one of those for the boys last weekend.
Perfect for beside the bed for the weeks bedtime reading. 

Image via Puffling

I like this one too.
How divine is that cot?

I never get sick of seeing great design incorporated into spaces for children. 

J xx

Monday, July 9, 2012

Come on...join in. All together now!

Good morning...just whipping up a quick post before school this morning. What started as a slow (and wet) school holidays ended up being a great break spent around home. My big Son spent his days scootering and riding his skateboard whilst our baby finally starting sleeping through. Hip hop hooray.

So, I have an ulterior motive this morning. A favour if you will. If you are reading this blog can you please Join my Site and become a Follower??  Simply scroll down and on the right hand side you will see a blue Google button that says 'Joint this Site'. Follow the prompts and set up a profile (including a pic) and away we go. I'm always surprised when people tell me that they read my blog. I forget my ramblings are available for all and sundry but I really am loving it.

Thanks again everyone for your support and feedback. Especially the person in Russia who is reading my blog! Ok, they may have stumbled across me one time but when I check my stats and Russia appears in My Audience it pleases me no end.

In return for your 'Followship' I will reward you with beautiful images and tales of adventure (read: stuff that happens around the house or between my house and school). Like so...

I do love a photo/art wall.
I also love white interiors (decor for the non-pet, non-child households out there)

This display has great symmetry.
I also love the horizontal VJ panelling on the walls. 

I'd love to be writing my post from here...
Instead I am sitting between the 2 boys at the kitchen table. One is rubbing toast on his head and the other hasn't stopped talking since he woke.
Crazy little awesome men. I'm nuts about them. Nuts I tell you!!!

Happy Monday.


PS: I'd like to think that something good can almost always come out of something not so good. And something not so good happened last week. It was an issue that involved my eldest son and I reacted in a way that was probably perceived as over the top...but in a way that ONLY a Mother would understand. If you feel your child/ren are under threat you react with an overwhelming intention to protect them and not have them treated unjustly. On reflection I think some good has come out of this. I feel like it shocked me into realising that I can't completely control the way my kids behave all the time....and nor do I want too. I want them to be just how they are. I also want to let them be children who are curious and inquisitive and explore their world under the guidance of people who love them. Being a parent is the hardest job in the world and there is no right way to do things. I'm learning to be a part of this family as much as my boys are. I felt like I was letting how other people saw my children and their behaviour rule how I parented them in that particular situation...instead of doing it my way. Well, its my way from now on. The way that works for us. I have fun, active and curious children and if other folks interpret that differently I don't really care. I feel like I have found my 'Mother Courage' and I'm going to hang onto it with both hands.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cozy, cozy and cozy

This is the work of the very talented Anna Spiro from Black and Spiro.
Anna would have to be my favourite Australian Designer. She has a beautiful shop in New Farm, Brisbane with window displays to die for. I love how she uses colour. I am always in awe of how she mixes colours, textures and fabrics to create such warm friendly spaces.

I am also completely in love with these love heart pillows above.
I might just need 2 of these for my sofa.

Check out Anna's blog Absolutely Beautiful Things here!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Some pretty things

I need to start my week with some pictures of pretty things. I need something to cheer me up today.

Who doesn't love a bit of French Linen??
Or better still, French Linen with ruffles!!

Do you think I could talk Andrew into letting me paint the front door pink?
Probably not, but isn't this divine.

Is this not the most A-mazing pantry you have ever seen? EVER!!??

Heading into the second week of school holidays and the weather has cleared up so things are looking brighter...literally! 

Happy week folks. Happy week.