Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm all out

It seems my 'blockage' continues. Normally I am brimming with blog ideas and have words to spare but this week creativity seems to allude me. Perhaps my mind is starting the shift back to my 'real' job, which I am due to recommence in 6 short weeks. I can't complain....I have had over a year to spend at home with my crazy crew. I'm hoping the balance between the corporate life and home and school and daycare and sport and my blog and battling public transport and...where was I going with this again?

Thankfully the building where I work is new and kinda groovy. There is lots of mid century inspired furniture and shared interactive spaces. When I get back into the groove I'll share some pictures. I am actually going back to a new role. I'm so lucky to work for an organisation that not only is improving the lives of people the world over but they are forward thinking and flexible and all the things that a Mum needs in a work place. I actually got a promotion of sorts while I've been away and I'm going back to a new role. New team. New desk. 2 floors up...window seat! I'll have to shout myself some fun desk treasure to take back with me. Some cute frames for pics of the rascals and some holiday snaps. A couple of fancy tea cups etc. Hmm...maybe a trip to Typo is in order. Like I need an excuse.

Here are a few office pics that I love. One day when I have that huge old rambling Queenslander I'll have a room dedicated to creativity. A desk, my sewing machine, a big comfy chair for reading and all my books and magazines all in one place.

Hey...look at that!? It seems my blockage may have cleared!! That feels much better.

Image via Click On Furniture

Image via White and Wood

Image via Just B

Image via Pottery Barn

Oh, and in my search for Vintage Work Space inspiration I got side tracked by this picture of a pineapple! (and I wonder why when I ask my 5 year old to go put his shoes on he can be found 15 mins later hanging upside down on the towel rails in the bathroom...with no shoes on!).  

I'd love to see this framed. I totally dig it.

Well. It seems my words are back. Phew! I was getting a little nervy. Until next post....Shine on you crazy diamonds. xx

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Waffle

It seems I have writers block. Bad. So in the absence of words I shall give you a picture!

Image via Hide and Sleep

How lovely. So simple. So perfect.

Oh, I do have some 'share worthy news'. I have booked myself into a Styling Masterclass with Megan Morton from The School. The class is in late October and it's being held at Black & Spiro here in BrisVegas. Spending a day surrounded by my creative peers learning all there is to know from a professional stylist is my kinda heaven.  

J xx

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm having cravings...

Cravings for colour!  Its the weather. Has to be. These glimpses of Spring have me craving pops of colour and flashes of neon.

Like so...

I can see this in a beech frame...hanging at my friend Mrs Brennan's house.

Image via Cathy Green Interiors

What a fun table.

Image via Inspiration for Home

I would love this at my house.
I could almost live in that thing. 

Needs no explanation!

Image via PaperBlog

One day I'll have just the spot for a crazy little sofa like this gem.

I currently have a back yard full of tree loppers working their magic on our huge old Mango Tree. I'd love to go out for a closer look but its very 'man land' out there. I'll be pleasantly surprised when they turn off the shredding machine that has been roaring in my driveway for 2 hours and I can venture out for a look.  We are trimming the tree in preparation for our new Solar system (is that what its called?? Solar Electricity System as opposed to 'Outer Space'). We've also just had a visit from Pop who is a builder and has promised a return trip before Christmas to build a tree house for his 4 grandsons. I'm not sure who is more excited, the boys or my husband!!!

J xx

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bring the Spring.

Is it just me or has this been the longest Winter in the history of man? I am longing for some warm sunshine, clear days and all the lovelies that Spring brings. We've had glimpses of what's to come over the last few days but just when I think things are looking up it gets overcast or windy or both and I crack the sads. So, since the weather is still against me I thought I'd share some images that make me think of Spring.

 Image via My Sweet Savannah

Beautiful spring table settings.
Eating outdoors.

Image via Little Blond Bird 

Bright bold interiors.
Yellow, of course!

Image via Room Mates Decor 

Bursts of colour!

Image via Just B

Weekend getaways in the sunshine.
Ok, so my crazies wouldn't fit in this cute camper but you get the picture.

I grabbed myself the September issue of Real Living this morning and it has sat unopened all day (cranky baby...long day, potential long night ahead). My lovely neighbour is collecting the Big Boy from school and the Little Man is finally snoozing so I have a window. It's tiny and likely to slam closed by Page 3 but I'm dreaming big today.

J xx 

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Has anyone else fallen madly, deeply in love with the Seed store in the Queen Street Mall? We ventured into the City last weekend for lunch and a spot of window shopping and I stumbled across the new store and I love it. LOVE IT! Beautiful clothing and accessories aside, the store facade is very Cape Cod, and the interior is a space I could move into.

Exhibit A:

Isn't it lovely?

Great little guy gear.

Candy Bar

See what I mean?
Finally Australia seems to be catching on to the concept of 'the full retail experience'.
Nice work Seed...I'm sold.

J xx

PS: You can now follow me on Twitter!! @MyWhoaNelly

Monday, August 13, 2012

One lump or two?

I simply had to share these gorgeous pictures from a friends party. Let me preface this post by saying my friend is very crafty, creative and a beautiful florist. She hosted a Vintage Tea Party for her twin daughters' 5th birthday. I'll let the pictures do the talking...

The linen, the flowers, the china!

The handmade decorations!


A beautiful table setting for some beautiful little ladies!

Mini teacup treats!

Not a detail was overlooked!

I told you...every last detail!

And yes, they are teapot sandwiches!!!

What a beautiful way to celebrate such a special day. Happy Birthday ladies!
And well done Megan. 

J xx

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Top of the mornin'

Good morning. Early start around here with the littlest guy bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5.30am on a Sunday. Apparently he'll be a teenager before I know it and all he will want to do is sleep...I'm holding onto that!

I came across this the other day and wanted to share. I'm thinking of doing something similar on our front door. How welcoming!

Cute, huh??

And while we're on the subject of all things cute.

Image via The Small Garden

I want one. Bad.

Happy Sunday

J xx

Friday, August 10, 2012

Art. Good Art.

I love art. Good Art. Interesting Art. I love to adorn my home with interesting and quirky pieces that give me enjoyment and make my home personal. I also like the unconventional (no surprises there). We barely have a square inch of space left for me to hang any more 'stuff' but I always find myself drawn to various new and interesting pieces. I do have a spot left in my bathroom begging for just the right piece though. 2 years on and I'm still looking for it. I've seen loads of things that would do. But just 'doing' isn't enough.

I wanted to share a website (an Australian one) that sells great art at great prices. Penny Farthing Design House ...I often find myself drooling over their site wishing for bigger walls and more space.

Some of my fave Penny Farthing finds at the mo...

How much fun is this big guy?? 

This one is a screen print. Delish!

This gem is one of my all time favourite pieces in my home. It currently hangs in my kitchen for maximum enjoyment. Its an original painting done by my friend Sally. She is a very talented artist and does beautiful work. Whenever she comes to visit she lists all the things she says are wrong with this painting. I think its just perfect. I still remember the day it arrived in the post all the way from London. A special gift from a special friend. 

And I always find good art even better en mass!!

Oh, and whilst I'm on the subject of good art and the likes. Let me introduce you to the very talented Ann Carrington. She is from the UK and I fell in love with her work when I fell in love with Bob & Cortney Novogratz from Sixx Design in New York (but that's a whole other post).

Check it.
Anne uses safety pins and shells and blue jeans and basketballs and all many of things to create her one of a kind art. Her work is stunning. Its fun and unpredictable and doesn't take itself too seriously. I think there is something in that for all of us? Don't you?! 

My apologies for the lack of mid-week posts. I'm in somewhat of a 'funk' this week. Let's hope this miserable cold and windy weather disappears soon. Nothing a big dose of California wouldn't fix. Ho Hum.

J xx

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Snakes, snails and puppy dog tails...

That's what little boys are made of.  Mine especially! I'm always on the look out for fun decor items for my boys bedrooms. I never really did a 'nursery' theme with our baby boys room because I wanted to future proof his space. I've found a few little pieces online recently in my hunt for first birthday gifts.  Here are some of my fave finds...

Image via Boys Germs

I found this great light box featured on the Boys Germs page on Facebook.
I doubt it is an actual vintage piece but its very cute all the same.

Image via Ladedah Kids

This little knitted fox melts my heart. He is from La De Dah Kids 
I love knitted toys and I especially love the fox motif at the mo.

Image via Etsy

I also love this little fox cushion I found on Etsy.
If you love the 'woodland' look Etsy has some talented folks who make mobiles, cushions and softies in this theme. I'd be tempted to relocate this little guy to my own bed.

Image via Etsy

And this treasure is a definite. It's from the Miss Beckinsale store on Etsy. She has a number of types of tram cushions and I love them all. So quirky.
One of these would be a great gift for any ex-pat friends living overseas. Ideal for kids and grown ups!

Image via Hip Kids

And this is the top of my list for 1st birthday loot.
Its a vintage inspired ride-on car. Its made of metal and retails for $99.
I can see both my boys enjoying this. And if I'm going to be tripping over something it may as well be something I deem cool. You won't find any Wiggles, Dora the (patronising) Explorer or any other associated rubbish in this house. No Siree.  

Hope you're all enjoying the last of the weekend. We've been enjoying some fun family and friends time this weekend...all whilst keeping up with all the happenings at the BlogHer conference in New York. If you don't already read it (seriously, who doesn't) The House that A-M Built is in New York (with a side trip to the Hamptons!!!!!) and her blog posts and Instagram photos have been fantastic.

We're planning a trip to New York and the Hamptons for 2014. It will coincide with our 10 year anniversary as well as my husbands 40th. It will also mean our little baby will be almost 3 and better to do long haul travel with. Our eldest Son flew to San Francisco when he was 3 and didn't skip a beat. Kid is a seasoned campaigner now. Let's hope Number 2 is a wandering soul like the rest of us...guess he doesn't have a choice really.

Until my mid-week post!

J xx  

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lounge Lurve!

I'd like to think I was in the market for a new lounge. A cream one. Something kinda French with good curves. The fact of the matter is I have two little boys. One is 5 and, no matter how hard I try, he jumps and leaps and dives on and off everything and the other is only 9 months old and he literally eats furniture. Its not uncommon to take a seat around here to find it all soggy because the smallest person in the house has been gnawing on it. Thankfully the cat shows the furnishings a little more respect than the children. Oh, its a glamorous household. my couch related dreams I am currently reclining on this gem.

Image via Vintage 57

Although an ocean stands between us (this baby is from the UK) one day 
we (or something very similar to you) will be together.

Image via Anthropologie

And since I'm dreaming big I'll have this Astrid Settee from Anthropologie for my reading nook.

Image via Early Settler

And back down here on earth I really like the Henley Sofa from Early Settler

Image via Jardan

And for a completely different look that is definitely growing on me I like the Nook range from Jardan.
I can see this sofa with a bunch of quirky handmade cushions.
This one is probably the most practical of choices. If I can tear my tribe away from the Olympics on the weekend I might go to the Jardan store in Fortitude Valley for a look and a sit 
(and in the case of my boys...a jump and a taste).

Have a great week. May you and your folk be germ free. 

J xx