Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Long time, no post

I knew going back to work may limit my spare time.  I didn't think it would completely evaporate it. Eek. I wouldn't say I was struggling and I definitely wouldn't say I'm disliking it, I just...haven't hit my groove yet. Little Man has reached that 'new day, new germ' phase of day care so I spend a lot of time willing him to get through the day without the dreaded 'come get him' phone call.

So...I'm still in love with Instagram. If you aren't already on board...GET ON BOARD! This is a glimpse of the last few weeks via the awesomeness that is Insta!!

The new armchair finally arrived.

You like?

We went to Thanksgiving Dinner with Team USA.
It was awesome. They are awesome. And the cinnamon buns my husband (yes, my husband) whipped up were delish!!

And because Instagram is so amazeballs I can't stop taking snaps of random things from around 
my house. 
Like this little guy we picked up at Dodger Stadium in LA.

And my little 'art project' that finally found a home above the desk today.  I got 2 frames from Kmart for $2 each and framed some little Bespoke Letterpress tags I picked up at the Finders Keepers Market a few weeks back...also for $2 each. I think they look pretty good for an $8 investment.

I know I've only 'worked' 6 weeks this year but the never ending rushing about, the never ever ending daycare sickness, a whole bunch of Christmas parties, functions and break ups has me looking forward to the holidays. I've never longed for 2 whole weeks of not much at all so much in my life.

May your peeps be germ free!

J xx

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Temple & Webster

I'm often a late bloomer when it comes to all things cool and groovy but my friend recently put me onto Temple and Webster and I haven't looked back.  You need to sign up to get access to great discounted home wares and designer pieces.

I was drooling over the site this morning and am very tempted by this Walter G flask lamp (below).  I saw it in a designer store 2 weeks ago for $450 and the online price is $325. Very tempting indeed!

Perfect for Sonny's Big Boy Room.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Things I love

It's been a while between posts, I know, but in the tradition of one of my fave people on the planet (Megan Morton...Stylist to the Stars) I thought I'd share a few Things I Love...this week!

I love this metallic Pendant light from Urban Outfitters

I love tassel garlands

I love this quirky little stool from Anthropologie

I'm crazy in love with my new/old railway sign.
I picked it up for $48 at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre and we hung it in the bathroom.
 Crazy in love. Crazy.

I'm loving neon.

And the things I love the most are these.
I went to Adelaide for work last week. I missed them.  All of them.

J xx

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pink Poppy

I was lucky enough to be able to sample some great products from Pink Poppy recently. Guess what...they don't just stock THE cutest things for the little ladies but they also do a range of products from TONO for the boys.

We got a Dinosaur activity book, a very cool dino notebook as well as a monster floor puzzle.  Let me just say that whilst my boys were excited about the Dinosaur gear the floor puzzle is a huge hit.  Jack loves to put the puzzle together and Sonny likes to carry the case around! It's the perfect gift.  You can get cute girl ones as well.

Cute, huh!!

And how much fun is the carry case!!

You can check out the Pink Poppy website here. I'm quite certain it's where Santa shops!!