Sunday, March 24, 2013

Give it away, give it away, give it away now!

If you follow along on Facebook you'd know all about the fab giveaway we had this week.  It was so much fun. So, we (and when I say we, I mean I) gave away a super cute Neon geometric cushion to a very excited lady and we (I) have a runners up prize waiting to be claimed. Honestly, I thoroughly enjoyed giving away a prize and seeing how excited people get. Well, if you thought the cushion was a fancy prize stay tuned cos we (and this time when I say we I mean me and a bunch of cool bloggers) have the giveaway of all giveaways coming up. Stay tuned for an announcement coming up. Gahhh, so much fun.

And it's even better in real life! I'm glad it's going to a good home.
Congratulations Kylie! 

On the subject of 'good cushioning' the Home Republic range from Adairs are rocking some seriously cute cushions. Check it out.

Freedom are also doing a great range of cushions at the moment. I grabbed myself some great spotty ones and a few neon pops last go with my new hot pink geometric rug. Pics to come.

I got this one.  It's a crowd fave among my texture loving 'comfy crew'.

I also got this one too.

And can I just say that Freedom have really freshened up their look.
I've never been a huge fan but their current styling and merchandising is going off.
I'm so drawn to all the colour and pattern and texture that is happening in 'design land' at the mo.
It's fun!

J xx

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hair Brained Schemes

Those who know me know that I love a Hair Brained Scheme...the more offbeat and ridiculous the better.  Thankfully my hubby is almost always on board (or at least not opposed) to me and my wild ideas.  This morning he drove me from Brisbane to the Gold Coast in the pouring rain to pick up an eBay vintage treasure (would love to show you but its a gift for a friend...think Betty Draper!!) then he turned around and went all the way to Ipswich so I could pick up a few items I'm going to be selling online.  There we were, like a happy bunch of hillbillies, touring the countryside on a raining Sunday picking up treasure for Mummy to sell for minimum profit but maximum 'kick'. That's one of my favourite things about the little family we made...they're up for anything.

So, being that this little blog is about decor, design and housey stuff (and not about my hillbilly tendencies and Sunday ramblings) I present to you....Wallpaper for the toilet!

It's Round and Round the Garden by Anna Spiro (for Porters Paints).
I've been looking for other papers to use but I come back to this lovely every time.
Will see how it goes in the smallest room of the house and might talk the other inhabitants into hanging it down the hallway teamed with some huge white skirting boards like we used on the window seat.

And since I'm in a sharing mood, whilst killing time until The Block room reveal, I thought I'd pack this post with a drool-worthy visual feast of things that I'm loving sick at the mo.

Like this...

Found this image on the Click-on Furniture Facebook Page where folks send in pics from home.
This house has a similar look and vibe to my own. What I'm loving most is the striped awning.  This is the EXCACT one I'm getting for our deck.  I've looked at all manner of options for roofing this space but all the permanent options take away the flexibility of soaking up the Winter sun and my ability to adjust the light in the master bedroom.  It's on the list.  It's after wallpaper and pool but potentially around the same time as French Doors. 

I love everything about this vintage nursery.
Not a Thomas or Dora in sight (hallelujah).

This pink sofa from Ikea.
I figure there are that many dudes in this house we could pull it off. 

And this cake plate, for cake, that says cake!

Ok, I'm off to see what the All Stars have pulled off for kitchen week.  When I saw that big hunk of marble go into Josh & Jenna's place my heart skipped at least 7 beats. Even though they are coming off as brats this season I'm most excited to see what they present tonight. 

Til next post...keepin' it Gluten Free!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Completely Intolerant!

So I've been a little slow between posts in the past but this is ridiculous. We've had no internet for weeks. Weeks! We still have no internet but I now have a dongle (whoever thought it was a good idea to call it a dongle). So perhaps when all the planets align and whenever my reported fault reaches a service agent who will look into the problem within 10 business days your call is important to us yadda yadda...I might be able to use the internet in my home instead of hanging around the park or at McCafe.  That's no joke.  Andrew did the banking in the car on the laptop at the park with the free wifi!!! I know, new depths.

So, in Insta shots this is the last few weeks of our lives.

We got a new coffee table...from Freedom!

Sorry for the blurry pic but I got the pendant lights installed
(loving them sick)

I got a ceramic drum stool
(to go with the newly painted TV unit)

Picked up the cutest little Japanese style bowl from Vanilla House

And I began a love affair with a Kilim Rug!
She's singing out to live in my lounge under my new coffee table.
She's from Table Tonic.

I have a birthday coming up (insert big cheesy grin with huge pleading eyes).

So, the other big news worthy item is that apparently I am intolerant. This comes as no surprise to those who know me well but it appears my latest intolerance is to Gluten (and dodgy internet providers).  You know the stuff, all the good things are full of it....bread, pasta, cakes, donuts, sausage get the picture. I've been on a Gluten Free diet for almost 2 weeks and, I'll be honest, I feel better AND I've lost a kilo to boot. Who knew if you stopped eating cake you got skinny!?! Whilst I'm mourning the gluten that was once abundant in my life I am relishing the opportunity to try new recipes and generally feel much much better. 

Bye bye bread *sniff*

Let's hope 'the net' kicks in soon and I find something other than GF corn chips to eat.