Saturday, June 21, 2014

Walk among the homes feature...

A few months ago I had the privilege of meeting Elizabeth from Walk Among the Homes blog. She is a Brissy girl who shares some great interiors from all around BrisVegas.  I love the local element of what Elizabeth does...she shares the homes of everyday folk who have a love of interiors and a flare for decor and design.  This is what makes me tick.  I love seeing how other folks live and how they design their homes to suit their lifestyles.  Every since I was little I had a list of homes that fascinated me for one reason or another and following along on Elizabeth's journey is a way of satisfying that undying curiosity.  

Here she is...a gorgeous girl in Holland Park West (and she means my house not me personally). Link below...

Walk Among the Homes 

Elizabeth Santillan

Elizabeth has recently photographed my dear friends amazing Queenslander that has a heart stopping mid century vibe with some of the most fabulous pieces of retro and Americana you ever did see.  I'll share that link when it's up.  Mrs Brennan does the pop of colour like no one's business!

Meanwhile, I give you my latest obsession...the bar cart. 

We don't really drink in this house but given the right Bar Cart I may develop a thing for G&T's.

Joydee xx

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  1. I just saw your post. You're a sweetheart. Will be interesting to see Elizabeth's photos. The anticipation is building :) x